Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday - Staying Motivated when Working Out

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We all know that one of the key components to weight loss is exercise. Sure, cutting out those extra calories is simple enough, but if it isn't combined with some form of regular exercise, the scale is going to come to a grinding halt at some point during your weight loss efforts.

But how do we motivate ourselves - or more important - stay motivated to keep working out on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to help out:

Use the buddy system - work out with a friend. When you have to meet a friend at the gym or on the corner to go for a daily walk, you'll be much less likely to skip a workout.

Set realistic goals - Don't beat yourself up if you can't do 100 crunches during the second week of your workout. Remember, slow and steady.

Put workouts on your calendar - Adding your workout time to your schedule makes it less likely that you "just won't have time" to get in some exercise.

Change it up - Don't do the same exercise every time (unless,of course, it's something you absolutely adore). Adding variety to your workouts will make them less likely to be boring.

Don't go "all or nothing" - A little is better than nothing. If you truly can't make it to the gym or out for a run/walk, turn on the TV - cable on-demand is loaded with workouts and so it fitTV.

Go for the Worst First - Are there a few pieces of your workout that are really, really good for you - but you hate doing them? Do the stuff you hate first, then the stuff you like will be a breeze to finish!

Listen to Music - One of the best ways to focus on your routine is to workout to music. Pick upbeat music that matches the tempo of your routine.

A great option is the Don't Quit Fitness Bundle from Sansdisk. It's a cute, lightweight mp3 player that comes pre-loaded with a music card that features music perfect for your workouts compiled by the famous Body By Jake. Because the slotmusic cards are pre-loaded with music, there's no need for a computer - just buy a card and pop it in (just like putting a cd into your car stereo).

To help our readers stay motivated during their workouts, Sansdisk has kindly given us two (2) Don't Quit Fitness Bundles to give away! To enter to win, see our Contest post for the week!

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