Saturday, January 17, 2009

BePe Baby

Have you checked out BePe Baby? If you've entered our contest, you've probably checked out the Toddler Slippers - they're so soft and warm, just right for those little ones on the go!

But BePe has other great things too... With the weather so cold in parts of the country a hat is essential. These adorable hats will not only keep your little one warm, but they'll be too cute!

Maybe a bib is what your little messy eater needs? The ones at BePe Baby are cotton with flannel backing, nice and soft - and big to catch all those messy dribbles.

One of my favorite products is their diaper roll-up. It holds everything you need for a change - a diaper, wipes and cream... Why didn't they have cute (and practical) things like this when my kiddos were in diapers?? Did I mention that the roll-ups are stylish too!

So whether you're a busy Mom looking for some great (and practical... and stylish) accessories for your little one, a Grandparent, Aunt or Friend - BePe Baby is sure to have something you'll fall in love with - stop by and check them out today!

We're winding down on the last days to enter to win a pair of great Toddler Slippers from BePe Baby. For details on how to enter, visit our Contest Post!

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

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