Monday, January 26, 2009

Cereal boxes to get re-design

Today, Kelloggs company announced that it will begin a six month test of a new design for cereal boxes. The company touts that its new boxes - which will begin being tested in Detroit, MI - are more consumer-friendly and space-saving. The new, space-saving boxes offer the same amount of the food with less packaging.

In a press release from Kelloggs, Kim Miller, vice president, Morning Foods Marketing, Kellogg Company pitched the benefits of the new box "The new test boxes will contain the same amount of the food people love and will fit more easily into consumers' pantries," Miller said. "The new compact packaging also allows for more efficient use of retailer space and enables retailers to offer a wider variety of products."

The new boxes will not only help consumers and retailers, but will help preserve the environment by using about eight percent less packaging materials than the standard cereal box of the present.

If all goes well, we just may see these new boxes in cereal aisles everywhere!

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Darcy said...

I hope they start to make these nationwide. It would be so nice to put a cereal box in my cabinet without having to turn it on it's side! It's the little things in life that make us happy - right? :)