Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Stuff - The Daily Edition

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On Friday, I posed the question to you, my wonderful Pink Lemonade readers... Freebies - Daily or Friday? I only got one response to my question (does that mean that only one person read them?... or that it just doesn't matter?) So I had to go with the singe vote (in addition to my own, of course!) Freebies are now a daily feature here at Pink Lemonade - so here goes...

Free Stuff - The Daily Edition!

Sign up for the newsletter at Hanses and they'll send you a coupon for a free pack of Organic Junior Water (choose "special offers" at top & then "free samples".

Free Sample of Baby Phat's new Fabulosity fragrance.

Register for a free sample of Boost kids nutritional drink.

Free Signature Collection item from Bath & Body Works (up to a $12 value). Hurry, print this coupon before take it away!

Yes, there are only a few - but hey, I used to save the rest up for an entire week! More to come tomorrow...

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

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1 comment:

Jackie B. said...

Soory,Liz! I really was going to reply too but I am so behind on my emails that I am just trying to hurry up and get thru reading them all before I start commenting again. I am up to January 19 right now. So now I am only 4 days behind. Anyway... I am glad you decided to post them daily. I say the sooner the better. That way your readers will have a better chance of snagging the good ones when they come along! Thanks for the great blog. I will comment more if I ever get unburied over here!