Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Free Stuff

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It's the first Friday Free Stuff of 2009 - I don't know about you, but I'm going to start filling up the old stocking stuffer tub with these freebies! Here are this weeks offerings:

Pickup a Wood Skull Air Freshener from AJ-Tuning.

Grab a free 11 song MP3 Jazz Sampler from Amazon.

Having trouble sleeping? Try Calms Forte from Hylands.

Ever get canker sores? CankerMelts can help relieve the pain.

Do you have Diabetes (or maybe someone you know does) - the CDC has tons of informational material to help including books, pamphlets, DVDs etc.

Give Barbara's Bakery Organic Cereal a try.

Sign up for a free two-year subscription to Club Lego magazine for kids! (click on your country in the right hand column).

Do you like to cross-stitch? DMC the makers of embroidery supplies is offering a Mentor Kit with several small projects (perfect to teach older kids!).

Grab a free 1 month pass at Club Pogo - they have tons of fun and free games that you can play (some even are for prize $$$!).

Pick up a sample of Quaker Mini Delights (2 flavors to choose from).

Ever wonder what to feed your kiddos? Check out Recipes for Kids - they have a paid ebook they're trying to sell, but they do offer a whole week's worth of menu ideas (including a shopping list, which is so helpful) for free - and they're all kid-approved meals!

On January 14th, Suave is giving every woman in America a free bottle of shampoo - be sure to stop by on that day to print a coupon for a free bottle!

Signup for a free newsletter at Subscription Rewards and they will give you a free one-year subscription to your choice of either Family Fun, Latina, Entrepreneur, Computer Shopper, Weight Watchers or Parenting (this one is a 2-year subscription).

Remember how you loved Cream of Wheat as a kid? The folks at B&G foods want you to try it again & they'll even send you a free sample so you can!

Walmart has samples of Soy Joy Energy Bars for you to try.

Well, that's about all the freebies I have for this week so, sign up, stock up & have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks I signed up for a few.