Thursday, January 22, 2009

Organizing Basics

As this is my first post as the Organizing contributor, I thought I would start with the basics-the organizing basics that is. We all want more time- if I did a poll of what you would ask for if you could have anything most of us would probably say more hours in a day before we would even ask for money or fame. An organized life is a simplified life and a simplified life means more time for the things that are important. There is no easy fix!
Organizing is an ongoing process not an event. People say I am going to “get organized”. That is a great goal to aspire to but I encourage you to reword it a little. I am going to become more organized. First of all, we all have some aspect of our life that is organized. Your house can be cluttered with mountains of laundry and three years worth of magazines but your spices might be alphabetized or you might need all the towels in your linen closet folded the same way. We all also have areas of our lives that lack organization. In order to become more organized, you need to be aware of both.

What works for one might not work for you. Those organization articles in magazines have great ideas but they are very generic. Sometimes we judge ourselves if we fail after trying to implement some of those ideas from HGTV shows and articles. Please remember those shows represent hours and hours of work with seasoned professionals edited down to a half hour time slot. I typically spend 8-12 hours on a home office, 10 hours on a kitchen, etc (which is why I charge by the project and not by the hour). It all depends. One size does not fit all. But, you can find the organizing strategy that works for you- and I will be glad to help.

I look forward to posting here and helping Pink Lemonade readers become more organized in 2009. If you have specific questions for me please leave them in the comments and I will try to incorporate them in future posts.
Happy Organizing!

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Ginny said...

I can't wait to hear all the tips you will be giving. I have to get better organized this year!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Well hopefully I can help Ginny! Have a great weekend!