Thursday, January 29, 2009

Parenting…the ever changing science

When my first child was a baby, I had subscriptions to at least three different parenting magazines. I would scour each issue, ogling the adorable baby products; researching the popular theories in parenting; determined to be the best mother ever! After a while I came to realize that parenting theories change almost as often as my daughter changes her clothes.

Magazines aren’t our only sources for parenting information. We search online, we buy books, we listen to podcasts…the sources of information are almost limitless, and constantly changing. I searched for the term “parenting” in books on and came up with 103,218 Results!

With all of this expert advice available for our perusal, it can be overwhelming at times to know what is right. So, I will add my thoughts to the myriad others out there. Here is my advice: read the articles, search out advice from other mothers, ask your pediatrician. After you have done this…use what works for you! Yup, don’t feel guilty if you fail at the Ferber method! Everyone is different; you, your spouse, your child…bringing all of those differences to the table makes for a unique blend that is your family. Just like a dress that looks great on the mannequin in the store window is disappointing when you look in the mirror; some expert advice will NOT work for you, and that is OK! The dress is still beautiful, but it just doesn’t work for you, but it may look great on your neighbor. You may just look HOT in that pair of jeans nobody else can pull off!


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Bridget said...

I have a little something for you on my blog!

Sharon said...

Unconditional love, patience and trial and error are pretty much the only things that remain constant to being a parent. No one can really measure your success but you and your child. If they are healthy, happy, well-cared for and feel safe and loved I think you can call yourself successful. All of us have different personalities and combining those with the personalities of our children will always yield differing parenting styles. This can be true from child to child within one family, too. We can just do the best with what we have.