Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Pink Lemonade 2009 Declutter Challenge

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For most of us, the beginning of a new year means a fresh start... a clean slate, if you will. Whether it's losing those holiday pounds... or a few more - or getting our home in order, January 1st brings with it the hope of life being different, better in some way.

One way we can easily take control of our lives is to rid your home of the clutter that is causing the CHAOS (Can't Have Anybody Over Syndrome). Just think of all the stress in your life that could be alleviated by clearing out the clutter... You dread opening the door when the doorbell rings because whoever is on the other side may want to come in and then they'll see your home in disarray. You're perpetually late in the morning because of the constant search for keys, briefcase, shoes, etc. You have to go out to eat dinner because the kitchen is too cluttered and you just don't feel like cooking. Wouldn't life be much more pleasant if we weren't constantly stressed about our messy homes, habitual tardiness or money.

Yes... getting your life in order is as easy as scheduling just fifteen minutes per day to clear out the clutter. Yes... it will take some time, but your home didn't get like this overnight... did it? Yes... you will finally feel like you're being proactive... getting things under control - and it will spread to all areas of your life.

Take the Pink Lemonade Challenge...

Here's How:

1. De-clutter for just fifteen minutes per day. This includes things that you are going to toss into the trash and things that you are going to bless others with by giving them to charity.

2. Before you toss the bag or take it to the donation spot, pop in on your bathroom scale. Keep a running tally of how much you've tossed or donated.

3. On Monday, February 2nd, I'll ask for your totals. You can just leave me a comment on that post telling me your totals. The person who has gotten rid of the most clutter in the month of January will win a prize (I'm not exactly sure what I can round up for you, but I'll find something!).

I'm running a similar contest on Posh Mama Online Magazine - Let's have a little friendly rivalry and see who can de-clutter the most from our homes: The readers here at Pink Lemonade or The readers at Posh Mama!

... So what are you waiting for? Grab an old grocery bag (or two, or three), set your timers for 15 minutes and go for it! Don't forget to weigh it and keep a tally! It's not unusual for people to de-clutter hundreds of pounds of stuff from their homes in a single month - so let's see how everyone does.

Get out there and de-cutter!!!

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