Friday, January 30, 2009

Ramsay Returns

Heee's Baaack! Famed British chef Gordon Ramsay returned to American televisions last night in Hell's Kitchen. Once again, 16 unsuspecting "chefs" will lock horns with the infamous Ramsay. I love this show, but am continually confused by just a few things: 1. Haven't any of the contestants ever watched the show before? Don't they know they should have a really great "signature dish" that they could prepare to perfection in their sleep? and 2. Why would anyone with half a brain go on that show without being able to make risotto? (My family would be eating risotto every day for months before the show so I'd be sure I could make it right and not get yelled at!)

If you've seen Gordon on some of his other shows, you know he can be a bit harsh, but he's not always that way! One of my favorite Gordon Ramsay shows is The F Word which is aired on BBC America.

WARNING: Gordon holds back no offensive language in his show and it is NOT edited out - don't watch it if you're easily offended by such language (although he is fairly restrained in these clips).

While you're at it, let Gordon teach you to make a great Beef Wellington (no bad language here):

We're so glad you're back, Gordon!

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Lynne said...

I'm so glad it's back! I was wondering the same thing, how could you even think about trying out for this show without having a signature dish? WTH?

dawn said...

I am so not a "reality" show kind of gal ...
But I totally get a kick out of this show -
There's just something about it :-)
By the way, what was up with the chef who isn't really a chef, and just teaches cooking classes for $300/hour?

Anna said...

I love "The F Word". He's so funny with his kids!