Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smart Girls are Cozmo Girls

Have you heard of Cozmo Smart Girls? Amy Poehler brings us CozmoTV - It's an online television show dedicated to showcasing girls who have it together - girls who serve as great role models for their peers. It's important to let girls know that it is okay to be yourself, be original, be smart! It's all to easy for girls these days to try to be someone they're not, pretending just to fit in - it's refreshing to see girls who are comfortable being themselves and doing the things that make them happy instead of doing what they think their friends will think is "cool".

In this episode, Amy interviews Kenaudra, who has taken up the art of "Praise Dancing". Not only is she a dancer, but she plays the steel drums in a school band - what diverse interests! Be sure to watch the video, you'll get a peek at "Praise Dancing", get to listen to Kenaudra play "Amazing Grace", learn how a steel drum is tuned and, at the end, you'll find out which is her favorite - Pizza or Cotton Candy.

This is a fun show - one you'll definitely want to share with your friends, readers and daughters. It's easy to add this widget to your blog, myspace page or facebook page - get your own widget here and join in the Smart Girls Party - It's sponsored by Barbie so you know it's great for your girls!


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