Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be Selfish About Your Fitness

We all have complex lives. We have obligations to our families, work, friends, etc. We give of ourselves everyday. Well, you know what? There is one thing where you can be the most selfish person on the planet...your Fitness.

Why? Because the only person you have to answer to in your fitness is YOU.

Be the most selfish person in the world around just this one thing in your life. When its time to workout, take the phone off the hook, shut off your cell phone. Let your family know, that unless something major happens you are not to be disturbed. Just for that one hour workout time that you have earned.

Become a scrooge when it comes to your nutrition. Friends going out for beer and wings? By all means go, but instead of blowing all of your hard work on food that is bad for you, drink water and eat clean.

Friends want you to stay our until 2:00 am? You know that if you do this you won't get enough sleep and it will affect your workout the next day. Do you still go out? Yes. Do you stay out until 2:00 am? Absolutely not! Be selfish.

Your Fitness is the one thing that you can control 100%. Be selfish and reap the benefits of your hard work. Don't go at it 50%. Why waste time? Would you rather get in the shape you want to to achieve in 90 days or 900?

Its 100% your choice. BE SELFISH! Thanks to my fitness buddy Mike French for this idea! He Rocks his body everyday. So can YOU!

- Jenn Personal Fitness Coach

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Pink Lemonade Liz said...

You are so right Jenn - it's so important to take that responsibility for yourself... unfortunately so many of us put everything else first and by the time we're ready for ourselves, there's no time left! (I'm definitely first in the guilty line for that one).

Thanks for reminding us to be a bit selfish - it's not a bad thing - after all, we're taking care of ourselves so we will be better able to help the others in our lives.