Saturday, February 21, 2009

Belly Bandit

Are you expecting a baby or know someone who is? Then you definitely need to check out the Belly Bandit. The Belly Bandit™ is an abdominal compression wrap designed to help your body return to its former shape after giving birth.

I had never heard of abdominal compression before I ran across the Belly Bandit, but it turns out that abdominal compression (via binding) post delivery has been used therapeutically for centuries in all parts of the world. It is believed that increased and constant pressure against the abdominal area has benefits such as, flattening the belly and redefining the waistline while helping you keep your back straight minimizing associated pain and fatigue (and can't we all use a little help with that when we're new moms - right ladies!).

The Belly Bandit can begin to be worn the day after you give birth (even with a c-section!). In fact, may help to decrease post-op recovery time by minimizing associated incision pain (always consult your doctor first though). Both of my girls were born via c-section and although the hospital had me up and around the very next morning, I totally remember that feeling of walking hunched over like an old lady because of the discomfort at my incision - where was the Belly Bandit 12 years ago???

The Belly Bandit Original is the basic piece that started the whole phenomenon. Perfect for a shower gift!

The Belly Bandit Couture collection comes in white, black and nude all with adorable fabrics to coordinate - these would be just plain fun to wear!

Belly Bandit even has a version made from eco-friendly Bamboo. Bamboo is inherently anti-microbial, moisture wicking and is three times more durable than cotton! This is perfect for the mom who is doing her best to "go green".

The great folks at Belly Bandit have one original Belly Bandit for the winner of this week's giveaway. For complete details, visit our Contest post. Be sure to enter today - this giveaway ends at midnight Sunday, February 22nd.

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