Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Live in the Dark


Spring is just around the corner and I'll bet your home could use some spiffing up - you know, just a fresh touch to help get rid of the winter doldrums that have been hanging around your house like the last patch of snow.

I love to let the light shine in my home in the spring and summer months. The world just seems like a cheerier place when the room is illuminated in sunlight. But once the weather begins to warm up, we often choose to keep those blinds or curtains closed to help hold in the coolness and block out the heat that is trying to invade our comfort.

Don't spend another summer in the dark! The Shade Store is proud to offer a new line of Eco-Solar shades that are functional and stylish while helping you to keep your home more energy efficient. What better way to spiff up the house for the warmer months than to change out those old, tired, heavy blinds or draperies with new, light, see-through energy efficient blinds!

Eco-Solar shades are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They feature GreenGuard Certified fabrics. These beautiful shades absorb heat, reduce glare and protect all your valuable furniture from harmful UV rays. 100% of the shades materials are recyclable which makes it great for the environment. The shades provide a view of outside while helping to maintain the cooling or heating that you are trying to achieve inside your home thus saving you money on your energy bills.

For a limited time, the good folks at The Shade Store are offering an amazing 15% off and free shipping on all orders; Use the code: IZEA01.

Don't live another summer in the dark - choose the shades that let the light in but keep the heat out!


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