Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Every Month Brings the Opportunity to Save a Life

Our Health - it is definitely one of the greatest gifts we have. The world can seem to be crashing in around us... bills are late, family disputes, a bevy of things can happen - but if we are healthy, we can overcome just about any obstacle that comes our way.

Unfortunately sometimes our health is challenged by certain conditions that can be quite serious. Researchers are constantly working to find cures for conditions like Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's and Alzheimer's just to name a few. Some of those cures involve the very controversial use of stem cells. We all know where stem cells traditionally come from... but did you know that there are other ways to obtain stem cells that absolutely no one would disagree with?

Every month, women lose stem cells in their menstrual blood. C'elle is a revolutionary way to collect and store those very stem cells - just in case - they're ever needed. In the future, menstrual stem cells may be the basis of medical treatments for the serious diseases mentioned earlier - plus many more.

Not only can you store those precious cells for yourself, but you can store them for every member of your family - wouldn't that peace of mind be a nice thing to have? My Grandmother is currently in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's, I really miss being able to have a conversation with Gram - if only this option had been available to her.

Check out C'elle for yourself, here are a few C'Elle Testimonials.

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