Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is American Idol Really a Singing Competition?

It's no secret that everyone here at Pink Lemonade has been rooting for our hometown girl Kristen McNamara in this season's American Idol competition. Last night, we watched as the hopeful 44 were whittled down to the 36 who will move on to let America begin to decide their fates.

I was floored last night when, not only did Kristen have to sing for her survival in the final cut - but Simon made it very clear what he was looking for in women in this competition - beauty over talent.

Early in the auditions Katrina Darrell aka "Bikini Girl" got rave reviews from Simon (even though her talent was "iffy") merely because she showed up in a skimpy string bikini. Last night, he cemented his position.

It went something like this:

Jenn Korbee was called to the "Judges Chambers" to decide her fate - she was informed that it was still a toss-up as to whether she was going through or not and needed to sing for them again. Meanwhile, McNamara was waiting outside as the second half of the "sing-off" (a new element this year that I'm not really fond of). Korbee finishes her song and McNamara is given the same news and sings for her survival. Both of the girls are instructed to wait outside the room while the judges "deliberate"

This conversation ensues:

Do you want to keep the very attractive blond girl (referring to Korbee) or the other one?

The one who can sing.

You don't want to keep the very attractive blond girl?

We'll pick the one who can sing.

Ok, we'll be clear, you don't want the attractive one?

So are you saying we should just put them through because they're attractive?

You can

That's ridiculous! Why don't we just have a bunch of models come in then and we'll put hem all through.

That's a great idea - want?

(Simon is roiling his eyes, smirking)

~~ They cut to the contestants nervously waiting ~~

Paula: (in the background)
No - we already voted.

~ (various chatter in the background) ~

~~ Scene cuts back to the judges ~~

Definitely Kristen is more interesting

I disagree

In the end, Korbee went home and McNamara was left standing. But this raises the question of exactly what Simon is looking for in a potential contestant... Is he looking for the next American Idol... or a date?

Congratulations, Kristen - we're still rooting for you!

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