Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is A Belt

You see it everywhere - beautiful girls wearing low-rise pants looking great... Except for the tops of their knickers showing! No, I'm quite certain those lovely ladies did not leave the house intending to show their lingerie to the world, but gravity happens when you've left the mirror in the morning and before you know it - unsightly things are happening.

A belt isn't always an option - they can be bulky or distracting from the rest of your outfit. But there is a way to keep those pants up where they belong without an unsightly belt. Is A Belt is the answer!

Is A Belt keeps those pants right where they belong with a thin, clear belt that virtually disappears when you've got it on. Just think, no more pants sliding down to show things the world wasn't meant to see. No more chance of the dreaded "plumbers crack"... yikes!

Is A Belt has been featured in Glamour and Real Simple Magazines, on the Today show and many, many others. If they give Is A Belt the thumbs-up then you know it's a great find! Go check out the Is A Belt today - they have a video all about it right on their front page - you'll see what a great fashion must-have it really is.

We have five Is A Belts to give away to five lucky readers this week - but the giveaway ends tomorrow night at 11:59pm pst so don't wait! Check out our official Contest Post for complete details on how to enter.

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