Thursday, February 5, 2009

McNamara Moves Up

Last night American Idol took us through the second half of the roller coaster better known as "Hollywood Week". Although we were not shown Kristen McNamara's initial performance on Tuesday - we were witness to the drama of the group performance portion of the competition last night. Kristen teamed up with Nathaniel Marshall and Nancy Wilson for her group performance. Personalities clashed, tempers boiled over and tears were shed - in the end Kristen and Nathaniel moved on to round 3 in Hollywood while Nancy (with the accusation of sabotage from Simon) headed home.

Next Week: Will McNamara make the final cut in Hollywood?... We sure hope so!

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cmwheeler said...

DH declared that he thinks it was, in fact, Kristen who was the saboteur! She didn't want to practice, she brought over Crazy-Chick and somehow in the end sat looking prettily forlorn while her partners went bananas! Hmmmm...