Thursday, February 12, 2009


At times I feel like I am a juggler, trying desperately to keep each ball in the air. Laundry, dishes, kids activities…etc, all take so much of my focus, that at times I am overwhelmed. Yesterday my daughter had an activity for church after school, I had even received a phone call reminding me about the activity, and you know what? In the rush to get Valentine cards for classmates, I completely forgot about the activity! Yep, as a mom I feel that I am pulled in so many directions that at times I will drop a ball. I felt guilty all night! My daughter truly enjoys these activities and because I was so busy and focused on other aspects of our family life, I forgot to get her there.

Parenthood is a busy time of life, filled with so many activities for the children and the day to day requirements of keeping a home running that the last thing we think about is Mommytime. We make sure our kids have enjoyable activities, we often encourage our husbands when they have hobbies that they enjoy, but we seem to feel a sense of guilt about pursing those things that bring us a sense of peace or happiness. My hope is that you will see your Mommytime not as something to feel guilty about, but a necessary part of Motherhood.

Do you notice that when you are stressed or sad that those feelings tend to carry over into how you run your household? Do you tend to yell a little more often? Do you not take that extra time to sit down and enjoy a book with your little ones? A stressed Mommy means a stressed family.

How do you feel after you have spent an hour at the Spa, spent a couple hours enjoying a good book, had lunch with friends (without kids)? I know that I come home a happier Mommy! And you know what, when I am a happy Mommy, my kids know it!

So take time to be a good Mommy, spend some time on yourself! You are worth it! You can get back to juggling tomorrow.


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