Thursday, February 5, 2009

Online Fun for Kids

Do you have boys in your home that love to play games? How about build things? Chances are if you're the parent of a boy you've answered yes to both. Mega Brands, the folks who bring you Mega Blocks, Magnext and Struxx now have a new place to play online - MEGA Brands Kids Zone.

At the MEGA Brands Kids Zone, kids can play games, get ideas for using their building sets and just plain have fun! In the game, NeoShifters, players battle alien robots to defend the planet Hydraxx-Tor. In the Magnext Arena, players explore in a high-tech space roller coaster where the speed is the key to fun. The Struxx feature lets you view different ways to build awesome creations with the Struxx building sets. Play other games like Legends of King Arthur, Plasmaclash, Dragons or collect Pyrate Merrits for a chance to win prizes. There's even a section devoted to Pirates of the Carribbean for lots of "Pyrati-cal" fun!

My favorite is the Magnext Arena - you maneuver your ball through the coaster arena. I invited my daughter to join me in the fun and, although she found the games more geared toward boys, she did enjoy racing the Magnext car through the speed challenge. She gave the Magnext Arena a definite "thumbs-up".

The MEGA Brands Kids Zone is a safe and secure online kids gaming site that your kids will have a great time with - take a few minutes and check it out for yourself, then be sure to show it to the kids!


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