Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Lemonade's Valentines Day Picks

Valentines Day is just one week away. Roses, Chocolates and Romance are the things this holiday is made of - but it's about fun and friendship too! We've rounded up some fun, fresh and even funky Valentines day picks.

This adorable heart pin is only $4.20 - available from Heatherknitz on Etsy. There are lots of other cute valentines day goodies there too, like magnets, wreaths and hairclips - be sure to check them all out.

Want to learn to write a love note like a pro? Our friends at American Greetings have some great tips for you!

The great folks at Ciao Bella make fantastic natural bath and body products. Is there any better Valentines gift than something to pamper yourself with? Now receive 15% off all products use the promo code: LOVE.

What would be more romantic for you guy than a case of personalized Jones Soda (with your picture on it, of course!)

Now here's something fun - the Hanky Panky Love Letter is a fun envelope with a leopard thong inside! These run $20 and are available at Saks Fifth Avenue Stores.

Do your kiddos like to make their own valentines? Family Fun has some great ideas for every kid!

Don't you just love this fun & funky charm bracelet from Kate Spade - how much fun would this be to wear on Valentines Day?

Visit You Won't Go Blind For Adults Only - looking for something more adventurous? You'll find what you're looking for here!

Is your valentine a romance or mystery book lover? Romance By You will make a personalized romance or mystery novel for your sweetie.

Why not send a Pajamagram? Comfy PJ's... or Sexy ones all packed in a beautiful reusable hatbox with a "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Valentines Day can be a simple or elaborate event. You decide - an elaborate gift, or tiny notes telling your hubby or loved one why you love him (along with a few chocolates tied on) can be just as romantic. Whatever you decide to make it, keep it fun and enjoy the day of Love.

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the little heart is so cute!