Friday, February 20, 2009

Smooth Away

Don't you hate to shave? It's a pain - you have to either stand at the sink and smear messy shaving cream on your legs, then there's the mess it leaves in the sink. Or maybe you shave in the shower - still a pain... balancing, lathering, nicking, bleeding - all while standing on a wet, slippery surface.

Yes, there's waxing... you can pay someone to painfully rip the hair from your skin (or do it at home - but it never works). There's also hair removal cream - stinky, and I've never had any success with those either.

Now there's a better way! No shaving, no waxing, no creaming, no nicking - just soft, smooth legs. With Smooth Away, you simply buff your legs in a circular motion with the Smooth Away pad. Each Smooth Away pad is covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair leaving your skin soft and smooth.

The folks at Smooth Away sent me a kit to try and they really do smooth out those legs! Because I wear pants all winter long, I'm not one to shave too often during the cold months of winter - but with Smooth Away I'll definitely be ready when the springtime sun starts to shine!

If you've never tried Smooth Away be sure to pop on over and check them out for yourself!

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

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An American in France said...

Hmmm, sounds kind of nice since I'm always nicking my right knee when I shave. I'll have to try those out.

Halahblue said...

I tried something like that once. I don't think it was the same brand though. The ones I bought were little paper mitts, like super fine sandpaper. They worked GREAT, but you could only get two good uses out of them before they didn't work anymore. I'd be interested to know how many uses you were able to get, full legs, out of Smooth Away and also the average price.