Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What are you going to do about it?

I was reading a book about organizing that had a great tip- ask yourself this question: What are you doing that contributes to the clutter and chaos in your life? Pick your single worst disorganizing habit and work on changing that behavior over the next month. (The One Minute Organizer by Donna Smallin).

Now, even though I organize for a living, there are areas at home in which I struggle to maintain order. One such area is the hall closet. So in January I took Ms Smallin’s challenge and worked on changing the behavior that keeps our hall closet a mess (this is of course not just my behavior but a family wide problem) Our habit is to take off our coat when we come in the door, along with scarves, gloves, etc and hang it in the closet. Now this is not a bad habit but the problem is that the scarves fall off the coat onto the floor, as do the gloves, etc. When you are racing to catch the school bus looking for the “other” glove is not the most productive use of time. I miss the days when my kids were little and I could run the mitten string through their coat sleeves and they were actually willing to wear their hoods instead of the latest skull cap. But I digress…

I have tried baskets for the gloves and scarves, separate hangers for the scarves and coats and several other methods this month before hitting on the one that works (at least so far).
I got a small clear plastic bin for each member of the family. When they take their coats off they have to put their gloves, scarves, etc in their bin and the bins are stored on the shelf above the closet rod. This has put the responsibility on the boys to put their things where they belong and has cut down on the glove searching fiascoes in the morning. Why it took soul searching to discover the solution to this (rather simple) problem is beyond me but sometimes that is what is necessary.

We can get into a habit and even if it’s not working for us it is familiar and comfortable. Sometimes all you need to do is step back and look at an organizing problem objectively for a solution to present itself….Happy Organizing!

Posted by Melissa of Multitasking Mama

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MAC said...

I think it's time I started organizing. I did my taxes last night online and took 1 hr. trying to find my password from last year so I could get into my account! It's time!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I use a small notebook and keep all our passwords in it. Maybe that would help!

Jackie B. said...

Another idea would be to use a shoe organizer that you hang over the closet door.