Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Dad's Should Love Disneyland

I always have enjoyed trips to Disneyland but it was not until the children arrived that I fell in love with the Magic Kingdom. My oldest daughter's first trip happened when she was less than a year old and we have made it a tradition to visit the Happiest Place On Earth every year since. She is now twelve and the youngest is seven and although we have been on many vacations to other destinations nothing brings a bigger smile to each of their faces than walking through the gate and seeing that castle at the end of Main Street USA. Every Dad should love Disneyland because:
* Dad's need a vacation too. Every Dad has experienced the kind of vacation where you drive many hours, unload the car every night at a different hotel, pack up in the morning, drive some more, stop here and there, day after day. By the time the vacation is over it feels as if you need a vacation. Well, once you arrive at Disneyland your job is done. You park the car until your departure date, unload it once and enjoy. Disney does the rest.

* Dad's like value especially during these economic times. You never feel as if you are wasting money because you see the value all around you. Disneyland is always clean and people are always polite. The food does not taste like "amusement park" food, it has a quality to it. The entertainment is first rate and you never have to think of what to do next. The kids will do that. And if you use the Disney Dining Plan and arrange your trip through Disney Travel you can pay for everything before you arrive creating the pleasant illusion that you are not spending any money while you are there.

* It is unique. You and your family will never get bored. Pirates Of The Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Peter Pan...the list goes on and on....can only be found at Disney and most of the attractions are so rich that your ride experience is different each and every time.
There is always something new. Walt Disney said that as long as there is imagination left in the world Disneyland will never be finished, We go every year and there is always something new. On our last trip there was Toy Story Mania, an interactive ride where you get to play carnival games along with your favorite Toy Story characters. We loved it so much that we rode it three times.

* You get to know the territory. If you go often you learn how to avoid the lines by using Fast Pass and knowing certain times of day to hit a ride. The longest we now wait in line is 20 minutes for a single ride. You know the best places to eat and shop. There is no guessing so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

* Disneyland makes special times of the year even more magical. On our last visit we went during the Christmas Holiday Season. The transformation of the park, from decorations to character costumes to special parades and performances, to fit the Season creates an experience not soon forgotten.

Yes, every Dad should love Disneyland for all the reasons listed above and for the simple fact that on any visit you feel as if you are a kid again. For a brief time the cares of the real world disappear and you believe in magic once again.

Posted by Eric (Mr. Pink Lemonade) of Big Dipper Collectibles

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Pink Lemonade Liz said...

Mom's love Disneyland too!

My favorite place at Disneyland if you have small kiddos is the parent center (at the end of main street - turn right at the photo store - before the plaza inn).

They have everything Moms of small kiddos need - a quiet, comfortable place to sit & nurse, highchairs for feeding, changing tables and even tiny little potties!

I spent quite a fair bit of time there when the kids were tiny.