Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Will McNamara make it on Idol?

WOW! I can't believe that I actually know someone on American Idol! Kristen McNamara who auditioned in Louisville, KY (although her audition was not aired) made it to Hollywood. Kristen grew up right here in the Napa Valley just outside the tiny town of St. Helena where Mr. Pink Lemonade's family owned and operated The Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlour from 1980 until 2002 - Little Miss Kristen used to come in to The Big Dipper and sing for my Father-in-Law. She has a lovely voice (although the purple hair came as a shock to me). Kristen has been a contestant on Star Search, Nashville Star and now American Idol (I wonder what took her so long to try out for Idol - she should have done it years ago).

I even have her CD! Let's all watch American Idol tonight to see how Kristen does. We wish you the best, Kristen!

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