Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland Giveaways - Is A Belt

This weeks giveaway comes to us from Is A Belt. The Is A Belt is a fantastic little clear belt designed to hold those pants up without using a belt that will distract from your outfit or add extra bulk.

We have five Is A Belts to give away this week - the following sizes are available so please state which size you would need if you are a contest winner. Winners will be chosen randomly by sizes available.

Available sizes:
Two (2) Size Large (adjustable - fits up to size 14)
Two (2) Size Medium (adjustable - fits up to size 10)
One (1) Size Small (adjustable - fits up to size 6)
(They are adjustable so even smaller sizes could wear the Med & Large and adjust them down).

So, head on over to Is A Belt and check out how Is A Belt can help you with many fashion dilemmas, then come on back and tell me what you would wear the Is a Belt with and what size you want. Although we'd love you to visit this week's sponsor, all comments left on any post during the contest period will count as an entry.

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To leave a comment, simply click on the "__ Perfectly Pink Comments" link (the part I've highlighted in pink). Hopefully, this will clarify things. If you're still having problems, feel free to let me know because if one person is having difficulty, I'm sure many more are too - I'm always happy to help all of my great readers out!

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Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

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Jo Hoffacker said...

Wow, that is a neat belt! If I win (fingers crossed) I'd like a large please. :)

gahome2mom said...

I hope this is the correct posting link. lol My daughters would like these. Thanks.

gahome2mom said...

subscribed to rss - reader

gahome2mom said...

follower too

MU said...

I guess my size would be small. Great giveaway!
raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

MU said...

I'm a subscriber.
raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

Shel said...

Since I've started losing weight, I hesitate to buy new jeans until I reach my goal. Right now I'm in between sizes (12 & 14)..those 12's are a bit snug and the 14's a bit loose in the waistband. I always have to wear a belt with them but I can't stand how the buckle cuts into my mommy tummy. This would be perfect for my size 14 jeans.

Consequently, I'll need one of the large Is A Belts, please.

shel704 at aol dot com

JuJu said...

I think hour-glass figures have been having a hard time in this straight-line favoring fashion industry. That belt would definitely help with jeans/dress pants/skirts that just don't want to stay in place! A size medium would be great for my curvy figure!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I'd wear this with my lonely pair of non maternity (LOL) low rise jeans that fit - and since I've still got baby weight to loose, my waist needs the medium.

Kelly said...

This is perfect for my teen age daughter, who pants are always too low and her underwear to high.
She would need a size small

christin said...

i would probably be a size large and i would wear this with my pre-prego jeans now that i've had my baby:) thanks!

christin said...

i follow via blogger:)

Nicole said...

These would be great for me. I'm always having to wear belts as I'm a curvy plus size, but with my nickel allergy, I get rashes from belt buckles. This would be absolutely perfect. I'd need to + size.