Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Traditions

Most of my memories from childhood revolve around activities that my family regularly participated in. Sure, I remember the vacations we took and one or two of my birthday parties, but it is the nights watching movies while enjoying popcorn and homemade Orange Juliuses that stick with me. I don’t remember many of the gifts I received for Christmas (OK, the horse was a bit unforgettable, but other than that!) but I do remember always leaving cookies for Santa, Christmas Eve morning pinata parties with the neighborhood, and steak and potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner.

I think that we often try so hard to create memorable events for our children, that we forget that it doesn’t have to be big to be memorable. Family traditions have a way of bringing so much joy. Each week in our family we have movie night. My husband works nights, and by Friday night I am a bit frazzled. Movie nights started as a way for Mom to get some much needed Mommy time, and keep the kids entertained in the process! After an easy dinner (usually pizza or mac and cheese) the kids pick one or two movies and all sit together to enjoy Friday Movie Night! I usually head up to my scrapbook table and enjoy some much needed “Me” time, but other Fridays I join them in their movie watching. Some weeks we make popcorn and slushies, others it’s just a movie, but almost every night of the week I get the question from one of my kids “Mom, is it movie night tonight?”

My daughter wants to start a new tradition of Wednesday Story Night, and I think that just might be a good idea! Go ahead, start a new tradition. It can be as simple as an addition to your bed time routine.

- Christine

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