Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not So Tiny Bubbles

Have you seen these amazing animals? I've seen posts about this on other sites, but never actually took the time to check this out until today. This is so cool - the dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando's Dolphin Cove have learned to make their own toys!.

Most dolphins just blow bubbles that are - well... bubble shaped. They rise to the surface and pop, nothing out of the ordinary. But these dolphins blow bubbles that make rings - they're famously known as dolphin bubbles! They can spin them around, play with them and even make them big enough to swim through. Oh, and did I mention that the dolphins can keep these bubbles from floating to the surface - yes, they actually stay down there with the dolphins until the dolphin pops it!

It seems that it's mostly female dolphins that perform this behavior (they think it's because the males are too busy with "social interaction"). Not all dolphins can do this, but apparently they're quick studies because once they see another dolphin doing it, they pick it up rather quickly.

These dolphins were recently featured on World News with Charles Gibson - that's just how amazing this is! Just take a look at this cool phenomenon:

Want to see more? Be sure to pop over to dolphin bubbles and check it out for yourself.

~ Did you know that you can actually swim with dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando's Discovery Cove? Can you think of a more fantastic family activity that swimming with these gentle, amazing creatures?


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Christina G. said...

How cute, don't you just love dolphins. It does not surprise me one bit that the female dolphins are the only ones that have figured out how to get it done. :)