Thursday, March 5, 2009

When you have to choose between good and better.

There are so many amazing good activities in which our children may participate: sports, dance class, music lessons, after school clubs, play dates and more. All of these things are wonderful extra curricular activities that help to teach children different, important skills.

As parents we want to give our children so much. We want them to experience everything that they possibly can. Herein lies our downfall. In order to provide these wonderful experiences, we will over schedule ourselves and our children. Family dinner becomes a thing of the past; weekends are so filled with events that you feel like you are in a train station; people always coming and going.

Please do not think that I advise against extra curricular activities for children. This is far from the truth. My own children participate in sports, dance and music. Like I said before, these are all wonderful activities that I think enrich the lives of our children. The key is to find balance. Are we choosing so many activities that time for family has been set aside?

Although these activities may be good, family time is simply better. Dr William J Doherty, a Professor of Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota and author of the book entitled Take Back your Kids, states that, “for young children, mealtime at home is a stronger predictor of academic achievement and psychological adjustment than time spent in school, studying, sports, church/religious activities, or art activities”.

Are we sacrificing better for something simply good? When was the last time your family sat together and played a board game? Do you enjoy regular family fun time together? Get out there and have some fun!

- Christine

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The Mother said...

Yes! Yes! You've hit my pet peeve.

Kids need down time, and they need family time. They learn more about the world and morality and ethics and life at the dinner table with mom and dad than in any classroom or EC activity.

Take them back, take them home.