Friday, April 3, 2009

Are You Still On The Fence?

What, exactly, is a stem cell? Stem Cells have the ability to differentiate into many types of cells. New technology is evolving almost daily that will help to cure many now-thought incurable diseases using stem cells.

Stem Cells can very well save lives, in many cases, they already are - but they come from several different sources. We all know about the ones fought over on the nightly news, but there are other non-invasive collection techniques from non-controversial sources. One of those would be cord blood from a newborn baby, but you get one chance at that - if you don't bank cord blood at birth, you will never get another opportunity to save those precious Stem Cells. Did you know that there is another source from a vastly renewable cell source?

That source is the flow from your monthly cycle. Did you know that Menstrual flow contains millions of unique and amazing adult stem cells that demonstrate properties similar to bone marrow and embryonic stem cells. These stem cells multiply rapidly and have the potential to differentiate into possibly every other cell type in the human body. Is it conceivable that C'elle menstrual stem cells could potentially become the Holy Grail of stem cells?

If you haven't already made the decision to bank some of those precious cells "just in case", be sure to read the C'elle Blog . It is full of great information on how you can potentially give the gift of life to your family in such an easy way.


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