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Homeopathy For Your Kiddos

When your kids are sick what's the first thing you reach for? Is it the over-the-counter (OTC) fever or cold medication? With all of the recent (and not so recent) news about kids and the safety of their medications, maybe there's a better way to help your little ones feel better without filling them full of chemicals that could have potentially serious side effects.

Today marks the last day of World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) and although Homeopathy is the second most popular medicine in the world, the majority of Americans really don't know much about natural medicines. In Europe, parents have turned to homeopathic remedies for centuries with wonderful results. You see, Homeopathic medicines work by stimulating the body's own natural defenses - allowing you to build up your own defenses to a particular illness while helping you feel better at the same time. Think of it this way: When you have a fever, the fever itself is not the illness, but a symptom that something is wrong in your body. If you take OTC fever medicine, yes, you will feel better, but you are also getting rid of the excess heat your body is making to try to get rid of the actual illness. Unless a fever is high enough to cause harm, it is serving a purpose - to kill the germs in your body! Homeopathic medicines let your body heal itself while at the same time help you to feel better.

One of the top homeopathic medicine companies in the US is Hyland's, they have been in business for 104 years! Of course, you've seen the blue and pink boxes at the pharmacy, but probably wondered if they were right for your kids. I recently had a chance to speak with Mary Borneman who is an expert at Hyland's and I learned some really interesting things about Hyland's homeopathic medicines.

Hyland's homeopathic medicines are SAFE and have no side effects - this means your kiddos won't be drowsy from allergy medicines or wound up from decongestants.

Hyland's homeopathic medicines ARE regulated by the FDA. They are extensively tested and Hyland's follows Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with the FDA.

Hyland's homeopathic medicines are formulated from natural Plants and Minerals.

Hyland's homeopathic medicines are affordable - they are priced comparably with OTC medicines.

I remember when Collette, my oldest was a newborn baby - she had colic so badly. Every evening she would cry and cry obviously in discomfort for hours. I paced the floor with her, stood with her car seat on top of the running dryer - nothing seemed to help. I finally took her to the doctor and he prescribed some medicine (only to find out from the pharmacist that he was prescribing her something that had been deemed unsafe for babies for many years) - the pharmacist suggested we try Hyland's colic tablets and I'm so glad we did! From that evening on, when the first signs of colic began I gave Collete her colic tablet and within a short time she was obviously feeling better. A brand new first time Mom's nerves saved thanks to Hylands!

Now 12 1/2 years later, Hyland's medicines were just a memory until I was recently contacted by them about the possibility of doing an article for WHAW. Fond thoughts of the pink and blue box came to me - of course I would tell everyone about my very positive experience with their company. But did you know that Hyland's makes many other remedies for babies and kids?

Their number one seller? Teething Tablets! These relieve restlessness, whining and irritability. They are tiny little tablets that melt instantly on the tongue to relieve those nasty teething symptoms. Another great product to go along with the Teething Tablets? Teething Gel, of course! Recommended by Dr. Jim Sears, with a new Paraben-Free formula just launched yesterday, it topically relieves teething pain without numbing. (Many pediatricians are concerned about using too much of the numbing-type gels as baby, of course, swallows some and it will numb the throat impeding the gag reflex which is so very important). Just the act of applying the gel itself is soothing to baby as the massage not only makes baby feel better, but helps those tiny chompers cut-through.

For kiddos 2 & up, Hyland's has a whole line of products specifically for them! Allergy season is in full swing and what could be more timely than their Allergy Relief 4 Kids - Relieves all of those nasty allergy symptoms with absolutely no drowsiness and no nasty chemicals!

Hyland's has so many great products for Kids (and Adults too!) that we couldn't possibly list them all. But we can tell you that they are all natural, safe and effective - a company wouldn't still be in business 104 years later if their products weren't! Go check them out for yourself and learn why Homeopathic Medicines should be your first line of defense when you're not quite yourself.

Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway from our friends at Hyland's!

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