Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Some Saturday Housekeeping

Here are a few things that I've been meaning to put up, but haven't had a chance so we'll get everything done at once!


I absolutely LOVE running contests for all of our great readers, but some sponsors aren't able to send prizes directly to giveaway winners (especially when we are giving away multiples of a prize). We also have a HUGE (I really do mean HUGE) blog party in the works for June and we are going to have so many prizes your heads are going to spin!!

These wonderful sponsors help to offset some of our shipping costs, please (PLEASE) give them each a visit and check out what they have to offer:

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Find Local Home Improvement Contractors

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Academy of Country Music Awards Tickets

Talk About Marriage


We are still looking for contributors for the following areas:

Going "Green"
Food & Cooking
Wellness (not including fitness)
Gadgets & Computers
Movies, Television, Music and Entertainment
Hobbies / Crafting
Current Events, Pop culture
Travel (especially travel with kids)
Frugal Living

Or, if you have another area of expertise that you think would be of interest to our readers - please feel free to suggest it.

See our Contributor Information page if you are interested.

FYI - All of our contributors articles go into our regular feed which is viewed daily by publications such as The Chicago Sun Times, Fox News, The USA Today and many, many more - who knows where your articles could be published?


We are currently booking sponsors for our HUGE blog party scheduled to run in June (more information on this coming to you, our wonderful readers, next month). If you have a product or service that you would like to offer as a sponsored giveaway, please click the "contact" button on our menu bar and let Liz know so she can put you on the schedule.

Thank you so much for bearing with all of our "housekeeping" today. I'm feeling much better (it's been a very sickly week for everyone here at my house). I will be back on Monday with more giveaways (one every day next week!!!) and articles from my wonderful contributors and me too!

- Liz

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