Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nestle Push Up Announces Two New Flavors

Nestle Push Up Announces Two New Flavors, Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Art Contest for Kids

New Nestlé® Push-Up® Laffy Taffy™ and Nestlé® Push-Up® Nesquik™ Creamy Delights ring in a new era for popular frozen snacks

(OAKLAND, Calif., March 12, 2009) – Can you guess the year?

Alaska and Hawaii become the 49th and 50th states, a first class postage stamp cost only $.04 and Walt Disney Pictures released Sleeping Beauty. We’ll give you one more hint: Nestlé introduced one of America’s favorite frozen snacks: The Nestlé Push-Up brand!

Are you still stumped? The year was 1959. And this year, Nestlé is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the beloved Nestlé Push-Up frozen snack!

Everyone loves a Nestlé Push-Up frozen snack, and now, to celebrate the anniversary, Nestlé is introducing two whimsical flavors to delight a new generation of families. Recapture the simple delight of enjoying a Nestlé Push-Up frozen snack on a summer day with two popular flavors to tempt today’s kids (and kids at heart). Laffy Taffy® candy is one of the top ten candies for kids. Now, your family can enjoy the Laffy Taffy flavors you love in a frozen Nestlé Push-Up snack! Nestlé Push-Up Laffy Taffy snacks are an excellent source of Vitamin C, and are 98% fat free and 70 calories per tube. Most importantly, kids will love the delicious Nestlé Push-Up Laffy Taffy™ flavors: Sammy Strawberry, Hanna Banana and Barri Berry. Children everywhere love Nestlé® Nesquik® chocolate milk, and now they can savor the Nestlé Nesquik chocolate taste they love in a delicious frozen Nestlé Push-Up. Each new Nestlé Push-Up Nesquik Creamy Delights contains both Milk Chocolate and Double Chocolate, and is sure to appeal to the chocolate lovers in your family. Nestlé Push-Up Nesquik Creamy Delights are also an excellent source of Calcium and are 90 calories per tube: a snack both kids and parents can feel good about!

For 50 years, families have loved creamy, delicious Push-Ups,” said John Harrison, Official Taster for Nestlé Push-Up. “The latest flavors in the line-up continue the tradition of providing a tasty snack with less than 100 calories that everyone in the family will enjoy.”

This spring and summer, to celebrate its 50th birthday, the Nestlé Push-Up brand is searching for kids who can create the next great work of “pop” art. Children across the U.S. have a sweet opportunity to demonstrate their creative talents and enter the Push-Up and Create art contest. Three winning kids will have their unique designs featured on millions of Limited Edition Nestlé Push-Up tubes. In addition to having their artwork showcased on this popular frozen snack, each winner will also receive a $1000 gift card that can be used for art supplies and a $2,500 donation to his or her school.

Kids, ages 6-12, are invited to design a unique “virtual” tube by visiting where they can use online design tools to create cool backgrounds, mix colors and sketch their own masterpieces. Entries must be submitted between February 2 and August 31, 2009.

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