Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sears - Life well Spent

The weather is warming up and we're all digging out light weight, cool and breezy clothes. But guess what? While your kids are sporting adorable sundresses and cool swimsuits - they're Growing... and GRowing... and GROwing! All of those fall and winter clothes we're now packing away will more than likely be too small come the first chill of September.

Our wallets are thinner and our dollar buys less lately, so having to go out and buy new fall and winter clothes for the kiddos (or yourself) can really put a pinch in the old budget - why not plan ahead and buy a size (or two) up so you'll be ready when the trees begin to sport their colorful leaves once again.

Sears is here to tell you not to worry - from now until April 18th, they are having a huge sale - 75-80% off original prices on fall and winter apparel! Are you kidding me? 75-80% off! that would make an item that was originally $10 sell for between $2.50 & $2.00!! Do you find anything for $2 anymore?

While you're pulling out the warm weather attire, check those for sizes too - you may find you're in need of a new swimsuit or two - isn't this one adorable? I think I'm going to pick it up my very own kiddo!

Don't let the great deals at Sears pass you by - summer will be over before you know it - and your budget will thank you for planning ahead when the kids need new clothes.

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