Sunday, April 12, 2009

To All My Entrecard Friends

Pink Lemonade would like to announce that we have made the decision to no longer accept paid adverts on it's Entrecard widget. We have cancelled any previously approved paid ads and from this day forward will only accept entrecard credit funded blogger ads.

We do not feel it is fair to the bloggers who pay a hefty heap of credits to advertise on the Entrecard widget only to have it taken over at minimum, 50% of the time (more if you ask me), by paid advertisers.

We will accept paid ads on our contest page Entrecard widget, but no longer on our front page - so feel free to advertise with us knowing that if you place your ad on our widget you will not have to share it with a paid advertiser - it will be yours for the entire 100% of your run.

I have recently experienced the results of the new "system" and found that an ad that would have generated a minimum of 150 clicks on a weekday, only received 6 - the only explanation is the new paid ad system. I don't feel this is fair to bloggers who advertise "the old way" using their entrecard credits.

You will also be able to drop and surf, assured that the ad you click will, indeed, be another entrecard blog - not a paid ad site that leads to nowhere.

Please note: although I have cancelled all of our paid ads, I have heard rumors that they still continue to show up, so be patient with us if a few slip through the cracks and be assured that it is a problem on Entrecard's side, not ours.

Happy Entrecard Dropping!

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

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Suzanne said...

Oh, yeah. I so agree with you. These paid ads that you do not even get paid for.... Receiving dozens of requests in a day.... At first, I accepted them all happily, like I always do with the normal ads. Then I saw that the list of ads in the wait was like neverending.

When I clicked the button that I would no longer accept the paid ads, it gave a little message saying that that would make me drop in the popularity rankings. How ridiculous! Am I then less popular with the visitors or with Graham?

Dan River Mama said...

Jeez, I feel stupid! I wondered why I had a zillion ads in waiting, when I had only recieved a few alerts for approval in my email. I apporoved most of those but won't do it again. I thought I had suddenly become super popular LOL

Pink Lemonade Liz said...

LOL Dan River Mama!!!

Suzanne - I'm with you... your popularity will go down only with the entrecard website folks. I was worried this might happen so I didn't check the "reject all" box, I've just been automatically rejecting each ad as it comes through. It will probably take more time in the end, but maybe it won't raise a red flag anywhere.

My biggest worry is that they will begin to charge us credits to reject paid ads (which they were going to do in the first place). Then I'm not sure what I would do - I get a huge chunk of traffic from Entrecard and need it to keep my numbers up, but it's just not fair to the regular blogger advertisers - let's hope that dillema never comes.

Sweet Serendipity said...

Wow, thanks for drawing my attention to this. I have only placed a couple of ads and didn't really notice what changes were going on. I generally accept many more ads than I run myself. This post has been enlightening. Thank you for sharing.