Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creating a Diaper Changing Station

With my first baby (at least for the first month or so) I trekked to and from the changing table each time I needed to change her diaper. A changing table is very convenient, mostly because everything you need for a diaper change is within arms reach. But that convenience quickly got old. I got tired of constantly getting up and heading back to the baby’s room just to change a diaper. We spent so much more time in the family room that it began to make sense to keep my diaper changing supplies where I could access them without having to head to the back of the house.

Keeping a changing table in your family room is probably not the best choice either, but creating a simple diaper changing station is an easy solution that can make diaper change time much simpler . Choose somewhere in your family room (or whichever room you spend the most time) that has either a cabinet or under an end table. Find a basket that will fit in the space that you choose and fill the basket with diaper changing necessities.

My changing station includes:

- Diapers (of course)

- A box of wipes

- Caldesene powder (This is my all time favorite baby powder! It works wonders on diaper rash)

- Diaper rash cream


- A changing pad (my favorite pads to use are waterproof bassinet pads that come in a 3 pack at Target. You can throw them in the wash after they get soiled and they are ready to use again!)

Other items you might want in your changing station:

- A small toy to entertain baby during changes

- Hand sanitizer

- A change of clothes for baby (I usually include this for the first month or two of baby’s life, as you change their clothes so often in those first months of life.)

- Burp rags

This small changing station can easily hide away and stay out of site, and is so much more convenient than running back and forth to the nursery every time baby needs a change (and you all know how often that is).


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Lisa said...

I did this as well. We had one on our nightstand, and one in the living room. Huge timesaver.