Saturday, May 23, 2009

Famed PGA Golf Instructor Tina Mickelson Delivers Her Golf Videos to Worldwide Consumers

Famed PGA Golf Instructor Tina Mickelson Delivers Golf Instruction Videos to Worldwide Consumers on the Web through Youreeeka Digital Media Platform

Youreeeka, an innovative, turnkey, pay-for-access Internet distribution platform, is excited to announce its partnership with renowned PGA Golf Professional, Tina Mickelson, to distribute her exclusive golf tips and instruction videos to worldwide golf enthusiasts via the Internet.

With Youreeeka, golfers of all ages and skill levels can now step-up their games in the privacy and comfort of their own homes by streaming Tina’s valuable golf tips to their computers. Additionally, they can download the video golf tips directly to their iPhones or iPods while on the golf course, or wherever they may be. Anyone can access Tina’s golf instruction videos at

The Youreeeka Affiliate Program allows other golf professionals, enthusiasts, and anybody who has a Web site or blog spot to make money by featuring the Youreeeka player on their sites. By simply adding the embed code to their Web sites, they can share in the revenue of Tina’s online video sales whenever a user makes a purchase through that site. Becoming an affiliate is easy and accessible to anyone by creating a free Youreeeka account at

I had so many requests for private lessons, but I was unable to accommodate all of them, and many of these requests were outside San Diego,” Mickelson said. “I wanted to make my teachings and philosophies available to everyone. The Internet is an ideal way for golfers to improve their skills and fundamentals because they can have access to these golf tips wherever they are. At the same time, because Youreeeka also features a secure PCI-compliant payment gateway, it allows me to easily deliver, display and sell my exclusive video tips on any Web outlet while preventing them from piracy.”

Tina Mickelson's unique presentation and delivery of the fundamentals of golf make it easy for golfers of all levels to make progress in their game and shoot lower scores. As a result, the game of golf suddenly becomes a lot more fun. She has put together several packages of golf instruction and video tips designed to help golfers improve in all areas of the game. Consumers can choose to purchase her entire video or select a combination of specific golf tips that address their individual needs or challenges.

When we learned that Tina was looking to take her expertise to the Internet, we knew that this was a perfect ‘match play,’” added Lenny Magill, creator, founder and CEO of Youreeeka. “ is the first golf site, created by Youreeeka, enabling viewers around the world to purchase and view professional instruction videos on the Web in a secure environment and while receiving the highest streaming video quality available anywhere today with no decrease in speed or quality.”

About Tina Mickelson

Tina Mickelson has been a teaching professional since 1991 and has been a PGA Class “A” Member since 1994. She is recognized around the world as one of the truly great golf instructors. Tina’s passion for teaching the game drives her to reach audiences around the world through the Youreeeka Internet distribution platform.

She is currently the Golf Ambassador at the Santaluz Club in San Diego, CA and also serves as a Golf Ambassador for Callaway Golf. She works with both The Santaluz Club and Callaway Golf to help inspire golfers of all levels to develop their own passion for the game, instill proper fundamentals in a way that is fun and easy to understand, and to appreciate the many benefits the great game of golf has to offer.

Tina has authored and contributed to a number of published columns, including a weekly, nationally syndicated column, “Professional Golf Tips with Tina Mickelson.” She also helped edit Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book, Golf For Enlightenment. Tina has been seen on the Golf Channel covering the Champions Tour and has appeared on various instructional shows such as Golf Channel Academy and Academy Live. She has also been seen on CBS Sports covering the LPGA Tour. Tina’s unparalleled passion for teaching the game makes her highly effective with corporate outings and individual students alike.

About Youreeeka

Youreeeka’s patent-pending embeddable Flash Player offers content owners, producers and affiliates a complete, Web-based distribution platform with a secure PCI-compliant payment gateway. This innovative platform allows anybody to easily deliver, display and sell their proprietary digital content on any Web outlet (including Web sites, social networking sites and blog spots) in a virtually theft-proof environment. For more information, visit Youreeeka.

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