Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finding Joy in Motherhood

As mothers we tend to focus on what needs to be fixed: dinner needs fixing; cuts and scrapes need bandages; homework needs to be overseen; the monsters under the bed need to be told who’s boss. With so much of our efforts being focused on fixing things that are broken, we tend to forget the simple joys of motherhood.

Before we know it, these days will be gone. The tiny onesies will soon be dirty gym socks. Those dirty gym socks will become baskets of dirty laundry brought home on the weekends. And before you know it, those baskets of laundry will turn into tiny onesies once again, left behind after the grandchildren have come for a visit. It seems impossible to picture that these days of craziness will ever end, but as with all things, they will and we will miss them.

Next time you are washing dishes and your toddler brings you their favorite book, take a moment and hold them tight on the couch. Let the laundry wait a few minutes while you kick a soccer ball with your son. Leave the crumbs on the kitchen floor for a little while longer while you talk about your daughter’s day at school. Dishes, laundry, crumbs…they can all wait while you attempt to freeze time for just a moment.

This Sunday, as you celebrate Mother’s Day, remember to celebrate the simple joys that come with motherhood: sticky fingers, smiles that melt your hear, handmade cards, "I love you's" at bed time, etc. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, filled with hugs and smiles.

- Christine

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Nonnie said...

Thank you for the reminder..I'm going to go play Barbies with my daughter.