Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Extremely Ripped with Jari Love

Veteran fitness trainer, Jari Love has taken her Get Ripped series to the next level with Get Extremely Ripped. I've been a fan of her past workouts so I was excited to have the opportunity to review her latest production.

If you are not family with Jari, she has been a fitness trainer for over 20 years. She is also a fitness club owner and contributor to a number of national fitness magazines. So, her expertise is certainly not in question as a experienced instructor and fitness educator. She is an avid tester of her programs as well so she does not produce a video until she's tested the results.

The Get Extremely Ripped DVD includes two thirty minute workouts, which can be done separately or combined, and an eight minute bonus ab workout. Since I am at the intermediate to advanced level, I enjoy doing the programs together for a great total-body workout. Beginners to intermediate levels, or just those pressed for time, will get a great workout in each 30-minute program as well.

The premise of this workout, as with the entire Get Ripped series, is to burn fat by lifting weights. Jari focuses on lifting lighter weights with lots of repetitions to build endurance in your muscles so that they are stronger for daily activities. This is also known as functional exercise. There is a nice variety of moves in which most are a combination of upper and lower body exercises. This is key for burning maximum calories in the minimum amount of time. In fact, each segment has a caption telling you how many calories (on average) are being burned each minute. I find it a motivating tidbit of information. Another nice feature is a 30-second countdown at the end of each segment to help you push through the last few reps.

Overall, this DVD is a good choice for all fitness levels. Participants only need hand weights (ideally 3-12 pounds) and an optional step. A true beginner could even follow along with no weights and still get a decent workout. Even though the workout has a strength-training focus, the program really gets your heart rate up since Jari moves from segment to segment with little to no rest. For folks who want low impact and minimal choreography, this is a great choice. Jari talks about being a former "cardio junky," which I was myself. She teaches participants that adding weights is key for that maximum calorie burn and metabolism boost.

Jari calls the setting "industrial." She and the participants wear slightly futuristic clothing (leatherette and shiny fabrics) and there is a heavy beat to the music. I would not give them high fashion points, but this does not take away from it being a good workout. I enjoy the upbeat music. It keeps me pushing through the tougher moves.

My personal favorite of Jari's workouts is Get Ripped 1000, which includes cardio intervals between weighted sets. Along with Get Extremely Ripped, I highly recommend all of Jari's DVDs as great workout choices. For more information on Jari and all of her workouts, go to

Until next time, have a safe, happy and healthy week ahead.

- Coach Jenn of

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Sprite, the odd dog. said...

The Girl says when her PT and stuff is over she wants to get RIPPED!!! Nice Post!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Have fun getting ripped when you are ready!

Pamela Kramer said...

I'll put it on my wish list.