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Get the Party Popping

Did you know that popcorn gained its popularity in the US during the Great Depression as one of the few luxuries people could afford? Today, as we face a little belt-tightening of our own, popcorn remains a perfect affordable and versatile ingredient for delicious and nutritious snacks, fun crafts, and entertaining games. I have a variety of tips and ideas for having fun with popcorn and my client Kernel Season's would like to do a giveaway with Kernel Season's "Get the Party Popping!" popcorn packages. It is the perfect time of year to cozy up with the family for a movie and some of America's favorite movie snack.

Popcorn As a Snack & Food Ingredient:

Among the healthiest low-calorie food items, popcorn is a whole grain that is low in calories and fat and is a complex carbohydrate. Follow these simple suggestions to increase daily fiber intake:

· Top soup or salad servings with popcorn instead of crouton for a healthier alternative

· Season popcorn with spices or seasonings to create a lightly flavored savory treat

· Combine popcorn with dried fruit and nuts to create a custom snack mix

· Create popcorn dessert bars (can provide recipe); tint liquid mixture for different holidays such Halloween (orange and black) or Christmas (red and green)

· Involve your kids in making flavored popcorn treat bags (can provide recipe) - easy to make and throw in backpack as a delicious and nutritious on the go snack. Children can mix and match the flavors to create their own unique gourmet popcorn concoctions.

Popcorn Craft Activities:

For just pennies, crafts with popped corn provide hours of at-home fun. Try these simple, cost-efficient activities with supplies likely to already be on hand.

· Popcorn holiday sheep - draw a sheep's head and feet on construction paper. Let children fill in the body with popped popcorn. ( Adapt to any white animal shape)

· Feed birds by stringing popcorn and cut up apples. Hang on a fence post for a backyard feast. Birds will use leftover string when building nests.

· Form holiday shapes (pumpkins, snowmen, etc.) from a mixture of warm popcorn and melted marshmallows. Work quickly with small batches to create desired form. Embellish with candy and other food decorations.

Popcorn in Games And Trivia:

According to the U.S. Popcorn Board, the United States produces nearly 500,000 tons of popcorn every year making it a quintessential American favorite with uses that extend beyond the kitchen. Play these fun games during after school play dates, family night, or other special occasions.

· Play the popcorn game: Encourage kids to jump around and pretend they are popcorn kernels popping. Learn why corn pops and share this with kids while they are playing.

· Bobbing for Popcorn Balls: Tie popcorn balls to strings suspended from up high. Have kids stand next to balls and try to eat them without using their hands.

· Sing I'm A Little Kernel to the melody of I'm a Little Teapot using the following lyrics:

I'm a little kernel in a pot,
Turn on the heat and
Watch me hop.
When I get all warmed up,
Then I'll pop,
Umm, I taste good when I'm hot!

· Popcorn Trivia: Prepare simple popcorn trivia questions and answers such as...

Q: How high can popcorn pop?
A: As high as three feet.

Q: Who ate popcorn like breakfast cereal with milk?
A: American Pilgrims.

Q: How much popcorn will one cup of kernels make?
A: One cup of kernels can make a whopping 40 cups of popped popcorn

Make Flavor Stick with New Popcorn Spritzer

Kernel Season’s Creates Buttery Popcorn without the Fat and Calories.

More Americans than ever are concerned about their food habits, according to American Dietetic Associations’s 2008 public opinion survey. But finding a snack that tastes good and truly is low in calories and fat is not that easy. Supposedly healthy snacks such as trail mix can contain more than 600 calories and 40 grams of fat per cup. Grabbing a smoothie from the drive-through window can add an extra 600 – 800 calories to your day. And, a serving of granola with the wildly popular Greek yogurt packs in a whopping 20 grams of fat and 500 calories.

For people looking for a filling and guilt-free snack, popcorn is a safe bet. At 24 calories per cup, you can have five cups of air-popped popcorn for under 130 calories. But air-popped popcorn can seem dry and flavorless – and adding butter just adds fat and calories.

To keep your popcorn healthy and tasty, Kernel Season’s, the nation’s number one brand of popcorn seasoning, has introduced a new all natural butter-flavored, zero calorie popcorn spritzer. A few sprays of Kernel Season’s Popcorn Spritzer (suggested retail, $2.79) adds guilt-free flavor to any bowl of America’s favorite treat. The spritzer, made with a blend of canola, sunflower and corn oils, gives popcorn the taste of buttered movie theater popcorn, with zero fat per serving. Enjoy it with popcorn alone, or follow the spritzer with one of Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning flavors from cheesy White Cheddar or Nacho Cheddar, sweet Kettle Corn and savory Ranch for an extra delicious, guilt-free kick of flavor.

Popcorn Spritzer pairs nicely with Kernel Season’s brand new Premium Raw Kernel Popping Corn (suggested retail, $2.39 per one pound pouch), the highest quality popcorn available. Nearly hull-less, this popcorn pops up fluffy, tender and crisp – and weighs in at just 120 calories for five cups.

Kernel Season’s Popcorn Spritzer and Raw Kernel Popping Popcorn are available at grocery stores across America.

About Kernel Season’s:

Kernel Season’s, headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, is the number one popcorn seasoning in the country. The flavors are all natural blends made with real cheese and are offered at more than 20,000 movie theater screens nationwide. They may be purchased for home use at more than 18,000 grocery stores across America including Wal-Mart, Target, K Mart, Blockbuster Video, Safeway and Food Lion. Kernel Season’s products and popcorn accessories can be purchased at

Kernel Season’s product line:

Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning flavors:
White Cheddar
Nacho Cheddar
Parmesan and Garlic
Sour Cream and Onion
Kettle Corn

Kernel Season’s Popping Corn

Kernel Season’s Popcorn Spritzer

Kernel Season’s Popping and Topping Oil

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