Friday, May 22, 2009

Girls Can't What?

A revolution is taking place among girls and women who are working together to tear down stereotypes and pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacle. The brainchild behind this movement is Gretchen Cawthon, creator of “Girls Can’t What?”, a community website that motivates girls to succeed at doing anything they set their minds to, including raising a million dollars to benefit women charities.

From being one of the only girls to make it on the 6th grade boys basketball team to learning to walk again at 14 after being hit by a drunk driver, Cawthon is used to achieving goals and overcoming obstacles she was told couldn’t be done. She created “Girls Can’t What?” to share these personal experiences along with amazing stories and interviews from truly inspirational women.

Now Cawthon is on a mission to raise $1 million to benefit nonprofit organizations that help women. She’s created fun and hip t-shirts that feature her trademarked girl character breaking down stereotypes – everything from taking on the role as a football player to working as a construction worker. 20% of proceeds from the sales of the online store will be donated until $1 million is raised to support women's nonprofit organizations.

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Anonymous said...

I love Girls Can't What! It's a great blog, and Grethcen really knows how to tell it like it is!