Thursday, May 14, 2009

Security For Your Home - Peace of Mind For You

It comes in the middle of the night... a bump or a crash - are those the sounds of footsteps I hear? Everyone in your home should be sound asleep, but the noise coming from other parts of your home strikes fear into your hear... has someone broken into my home? Will my family be safe?

Just the other night I heard the opening and closing of a door - that definitely couldn't be Pork Chop the fat mancat, so I sent Mr. Pink Lemonade out to investigate. It turned out that it was only Little Miss Lauren on a nighttime trip to the restroom (something she rarely does alone), but it could have been something much more ominous.

If we had a security system in place, I could have rested easily - knowing that there was no way anyone could have gotten in without me knowing it. Blaming any noise on good ole' Pork Chop the mancat and his Iams-loving belly.

One company that offers home security systems is Protect America. They offer several packages of wireless security system to protect your home when you are away and give you peace of mind when you're not.

One of their best values is their Gold package - it gives you $796 worth of product for only $99! That's a great deal and would have helped put my mind at rest when I was hearing noises down the hall the other night. Even better, if you call 877-470-2751 you will two free keychains for your system when you order!


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