Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Importance of Keeping Children Healthy and Hydrated!

With the hot summer weather right around the corner it is so important to keep children hydrated. However, most kids are not big fans of water, rather they go straight for the sugar filled soda and energy drinks. Research has shown that 70% of pre-school children drink no water at all during the day, which causes dehydration and exhaustion.

Additionally, one-third of US children remain overweight or obese and faces a heightened risk of medical problems as a result. What most people don’t know is so much of the weight issues come from beverages – not just food.

A company such as HINT Essence offers a healthy alternative to sugary fattening beverages. The best thing for any body is water, but it is hard enough to get adults to drink water let alone children. That’s why HINT offers 13 delicious flavors that contain 0 sugars, 0 sodium, 0 calories and 0 artificial sweeteners.

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