Tuesday, May 19, 2009

National Salad Month Tips From eHow.com

May is National Salad Month – a whole month dedicated to eating salad! Salads aren’t just a great, natural way to eat healthy, they can be fun to create, too! And eHow.com has all you’ll need to help your readers celebrate this month by exploring different salads and discovering new dressings, toppings and creations they’ll be sure to love!

eHow.com is the leading how-to site (32M+ visitors per month) with more than 600,000 do-it-yourself articles and videos, and below are just a few articles bound to help your readers re-discover salad:

There are millions of different ways to enjoy salad, and eHow.com can help with some simple tips to help get you started. I hope these inspire some healthy eating during the month of May!

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