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Sun Alert Swim Wear by LuvGear

We are all concerned about skin cancer these days. With red headed, fair skinned boys, I am especially concerned about my children’s exposure to UV rays. My father in law has battled skin cancer, which strengthens my resolve to protect my children.

Quick Facts regarding Sun Exposure (from the LuvGear Website):

  • Children gain 50 - 80% of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of 18 (
  • Children are at higher risk of suffering damage from exposure to UV rays than adults because their skin is thinner and more sensitive (World Health Organization)
  • One in five North Americans will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime (World Health Organization)
  • Dangers of reflections off water and sand are unsuspecting UV dangers
  • Harmful sun rays can filter through shaded areas

LuvGear is a Canadian based company that specializes in clothing to protect the family. They have four lines of clothing containing alert icons: SunAlert, HotAlert, TempAlert, and ColdAlert. These lines are available in Canada through many retailers. Up until now they have been unavailable in the US. This spring, select JC Penney stores in the US will be carrying the SunAlert line of swim wear.

Each item in the SunAlert line has an alert icon sewn onto the garment. The icon changes colors when it is exposed to UV rays. It is clear when no UV rays are present, light pink when low levels of UV rays are present, and bright pink when UV rays are high, indicating that parents should protect their children from this exposure either through sunscreens or removing them from the exposure.

LuvGear icons provide a visual indicator for parents, helping them to protect their children from the damage caused by UV ray exposure.

I received two of the boys swim suits to try and the first thing I thought when they arrived was that they were adorable! Even though the weather outside was freezing, as it often is in early spring here in Utah, my four year old son had to immediately don the Crazy Crab suit that was sent for him. I also received the boys Shark Suit for my 18 month old. These have to be the cutest bathing suits for boys that I have ever seen! I can’t wait for the weather to truly warm up so they can wear them for actual water play.

Unlike traditional swim trunks, the boys’ suits are made out of a Nylon/Spandex fabric, like a girl’s bathing suit. They fit snugly without being too tight, allowing for comfortable play without the worry of floating trunks.

The alert icon is easy to read, and sewn into both the top and bottom of the suit. The icon changes colors pretty quickly when the UV levels change.

SunAlert swim suits by LuvGear provide comfort, style and an alert to when UV rays are too strong; much more than any other swim suit we have purchased in the past. Check out their entire line of SunAlert suits, my favorite of the girls line is the Seahorse Blue suit! The only improvement I would love to see would be UV protection in the fabric.

- Christine

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The clothing line sounds great. I have always been fascinated by the types of swimwear that is starting to be manufactured for better UV protection.