Sunday, May 17, 2009

Survey Finds Teens Hide Online Activities from Parents/ Talk to Mothers More


Survey Finds Tweens/Teens Hide Online Activities and Relationship Status from Parents

Pangea Media, a leader in online quizzes and quiz technology, has released the results of its latest “Pangea Pulse,” which tracked the attitudes and preferences of more than 2,800 of its tween/teen users regarding how they communicate with their parents.

The recent survey on Quibblo found that teens are most likely to hide their online activities from their parents (44 percent) versus the time they spend with their boyfriend/girlfriend (21 percent) or how they are doing in school (15 percent). Most tweens/teens (56 percent) said their parents do not know that they have a boyfriend or girlfriend and thirty four percent said they’ve snuck out of the house without their parents knowing.

The survey also found that tweens/teens are more likely to turn to friends if they have a problem with their boyfriend/girlfriend (81 percent) and for advice about bullying (51 percent). Most (71 percent) tweens/teens would not take advice from a parent about fitting in at school; likewise fifty four percent wouldn’t take their parents advice on a relationship. In fact, forty five percent of teens say relationships are the hardest thing to talk to their parents about.

When asked which parent they are mostly likely to talk to, sixty eight percent of tweens/teens said they were more likely to share with their mother than their father (18 percent were more likely to share with their father). The majority (72 percent) of respondents said that they’ve talked with their parents about drugs and alcohol. However, only fifty four percent have talked with their parents about sex.

Overall, thirty six percent of teens stated that they believe their parents try harder than they do to build a relationship; only thirteen percent said they believe that they try harder; meanwhile thirty three percent believe that both they and their parents try equally hard to build a relationship; while eighteen percent said they believe neither they nor their parents try. Ultimately most (77 percent) believe they have a good relationship with their parents.

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