Saturday, May 16, 2009

Victoria¹s Secret PINK Announces New Schools for The Collegiate Collection!

Victoria’s Secret PINK will be announcing the new schools that will be added to the exclusive PINK Collegiate Collection as the “Class of 2009.”

Beginning on May 15, a new school will be announced each day on leading up to the online product launch on June 22.

After receiving more than 10 million votes for hundreds of different schools through its “Nominate Your School” program on, VS PINK has chosen the 24 new schools that will be added to the PINK Collegiate Collection.

As of June 22, over 50 universities across the country will be included in the PINK Collegiate Collection, which is comprised of a variety of items such as fleece pants, hoodies, tees, shorts, dresses, and flip flops.


quelleheure4 said...

I love how they did this! Now I have to go look at the list and see who made it!

Anonymous said...

I hate how they did this! They made us vote and some of those schools that have been added so far were not even on the top 20. Our votes counted for nothing.