Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exercise in Your Pocket

Hmm, that must sound rather strange. How can you exercise in your pocket? Well, you can’t, but you can fit a great exercise tool in your pocket, purse, or even hang it on your key chain. A company called Nuru has developed a great little card deck called Exercise Anywhere. They were kind enough to send me a free deck to review so here I am telling all of you about it.

The deck has 30 cards broken down into 8 categories:

- Basics
- Chest
- Back
- Lower Body
- Shoulders
- Arms
- Abs
- Cardio Lab

The instructions are clear and not technical in nature. In fact, they have a very friendly tone right from the start. They read kind of like a nice friend giving you fitness tips and advice. Here is an example from the Chest Overview card:

“Your chest muscles are crucial to pushing: be it a lawn mower, a piece of furniture, or your kids out the door to school…”

The Basics section tells you how to use the deck and recommends a few workout plans. This section also includes a glossary of terms.

As you progress to the body specific sections, there is a diagram of that body part with the suggested exercises. Each of these sections also includes an overview detailing the benefits of strengthening that particular area of the body.

Most of the exercises require no equipment or they highlight easy household items to use. For example, using soup cans for weights or sturdy table for “under table chin-ups.”

Lastly, the Cardio Lab cards focus on the heart-pumping exercises like jumping rope and squat thrusts.

I think these cards are a nifty tool to have at home and for travel. What a nice way to save money in this economy too… no equipment, no gym membership, not even the DVDs that I so enjoy. I’m looking forward to spring when I can take them to the park for some fun al fresco exercise.

In addition to the Exercise Anywhere cards, Nuru has card for other purposes like personal finances, first aid and more. Go check them out at Just so you know, other than the free sample cards, I have not been compensated in any way for this review. I support all companies dedicated to helping others get fit and healthy, not just my own.

Until next time, have a happy and healthy week ahead.

- Coach Jenn of

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