Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FamiliLink Announces Launch Date

FamiliLink announced plans to officially launch after competing in yesterday's 2009 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit & Business plan competition. FamiliLink was a Finalist in the Elevator Pitch category. The Summit features a new Forum for entrepreneurs and businesses, who are introducing products and services of benefit to the 45+ baby boomer market, to meet the industry's leading Venture Capitalists, experts and analysts and compete for cash prizes.

The Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit consistently gathers thought leaders from around the world to discuss trends and issues in the baby boomer market space. FamiliLink is a company that provides web based services to empower family members to easily connect with their non tech savvy aging loved ones and help them with caring support. Many of the Summit's speakers touched upon these two key points –the need for technology geared towards the older adult and tools to assist with care giving that benefits all involved.

Laurie Orlov, leading industry analyst, "Aging in Place Technology Watch", referred to FamiliLink in her blog (http://www.ageinplacetech.com/) stating that FamiliLink among others is in the fairly new business of making computers easier for seniors to use and lend themselves to being used with touch screens like the HP TouchSmart and now the Asus Eee Top all-in-one PCs, both of which can be manipulated with a finger or a stylus -- instead of a mouse and keyboard. In addition, Jody Holtzman, Director of Knowledge Management at AARP, highlighted an AARP study that outlined key factors to "Successful Aging", one of them being as "ability to stay connected to friends and family."

Famililink received a great deal of positive feedback from Summit attendees – "great user interface", "this would be so simple for my mom who gets so frustrated when using the computer" and "dad has Parkinson's disease and FamiliLink would really make it easy for him" and "I just love the look and feel." The company is looking forward to officially launching next week. The two co-founders, Laura Nuhaan and Inger Rarick, founded the company in 2007 and have been working extensively with savvy industry leaders, renowned doctors and seasoned technology executives to bring their product to market-ready status.

There will be a $4.99 monthly fee with the first 2,000 users being free. To learn more and to view the FamiliLink Summit presentation, visit the company's website www.famililink.com and Facebook page.

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