Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FitOrbit First to Bring One-to-One Personal Fitness Training Online

FitOrbit gives the consumer a real live fitness professional and a personal daily workout and meal plan via the web and mobile devices

Global Fitness Media announced today the launch of FitOrbit (www.fitorbit.com), a revolutionary new service that connects the consumer with a real-live personal fitness trainer, and provides – for the first time – universally affordable and accessible one-to-one personal fitness training and meal planning over the internet.

FitOrbit is a solutions-focused approach for millions of Americans who are frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed because they can’t find an effective fitness plan that works in their life, on their terms. FitOrbit is fitness that revolves around you, and starts with the user, understanding their lifestyle, goals, and needs. After the user picks a trainer ideally suited for their schedule and preferences, this trainer works one-to-one with them to create, monitor, and modify a daily workout and meal plan that fits into the their life, and accommodates the daily realities of work, family, and travel.

FitOrbit sustains the vital human connection of the trainer-client relationship by using straightforward web and mobile technologies that enable daily activity monitoring, a continuous plan feedback loop, and timely motivational support.

Personal fitness training pioneer Jake Steinfeld, of Body by Jake Global, Exercise TV, and current Chairman of the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, founded Global Fitness Media with renowned Internet investors Ron Conway and Polar Capitol Group amongst others, to create FitOrbit.

We’re here for you, you’re in control,” says Jake Steinfeld, Founder. “The most important part of personal training is the personal element and how you relate to your trainer. We’re all strongest in our own environment, so our expert trainers are available to support you any day, anytime, anywhere! Whether you want specialized training because you’re pregnant or you’re a senior preparing for your first marathon, or you want to look great on the beach this summer, FitOrbit has the perfect trainer for everyone!

What makes FitOrbit unique?

Diversity… With FitOrbit there is something for everyone. FitOrbit features hundreds of real fitness professionals from all over the world, who collectively embrace thousands of different specialties, activities, and certifications.

Comprehensive… With FitOrbit the user gets everything they need in a daily plan that includes meals, recipes, and full nutritional information for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, along with custom workouts demonstrated through multimedia exercise instructions.

One-to-one… The FitOrbit trainer gets to know the user’s real life, their habits, lazy days, and what really gets them going. Features like “cheats,” “panics,” “extra credit,” and messaging between the user and the trainer enable a strong feedback loop for attentive personal fitness training that effortlessly fits into the user’s unpredictable daily schedule.

Affordable… With FitOrbit the user gets all the benefits of both a professional personal trainer and nutritionist at a 97% cost savings.

Accessible… A user gets full access from any web browser or mobile device to their personal workout and meal plan at anytime, and anywhere - whether they are at work, home, school, or the gym.

Fast… It takes a user less than 3 minutes each day to access their plan, log their activities, and get encouragement, tips, and plan updates from their FitOrbit trainer.

Real… FitOrbit accommodates real life with restaurant meal replacements - courtesy of GoodFoodNearYou – the award winning location-based restaurant menu nutrition search. And, when real life gets in the way of the plan, the FitOrbit user sends a “panic,” and gets multiple text messages of encouragement from friends, family and other supporters.

Flexible… The phrase ‘nothing goes according to plan’ applies to fitness. In case of last minute travel, or other schedule changes that come up during the day, the FitOrbit trainer quickly and easily makes modifications to the user’s workouts and meals so that fitness works in the user’s world.

Nick Desai, Chief Executive Officer of Global Fitness Media, says, “Your fitness plan is a living, breathing dialogue between you and your FitOrbit trainer. It is not a computer server generating your plan - it is an actual fitness professional.

FitOrbit has partnered with Time Inc., which runs Health.com, Health Magazine, MyRecipes.com, and Cooking Light Magazine. Time Inc. has provided FitOrbit with thousands of recipes from MyRecipes.com and CookingLight.com. Time Inc. will also feature FitOrbit as a prominent partner on Health.com. “FitOrbit is a natural tie-in for our ongoing mission at Health.com and Health Magazine to break down barriers so that health and fitness can be accessed by everyone, everywhere,” says John Brown, President of Time Inc.’s Health franchise.

FitOrbit also has partnered with Michelob ULTRA, a superior light beer, with only 95 calories, 2.6g carbs, 0.6g protein and 0.0g fat, per 12 oz. bottle. To support FitOrbit’s launch, Michelob ULTRA is posting a link to FitOrbit on www.michelobultra.com and on the brand’s Facebook page. Dan McHugh, Vice President, Media, Sponsorship & Activation, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. says, “Michelob ULTRA supports golf, running and cycling events across the country, making FitOrbit an excellent match for our programs. Adults who enjoy Michelob ULTRA are seeking new ways to tailor fitness for their busy schedules and FitOrbit’s customized tools will help people ‘live life to the ULTRA’ by leading active lifestyles.”

FitOrbit is a product for everybody…that anybody can afford. We are the first service to overcome common fitness setbacks by connecting people using straightforward technology,” says Nick Desai, Chief Executive Officer. “FitOrbit works for regular people like me, who will gladly accept the last piece of pizza, but are also interested in making an effort to get in shape and lose weight.”

About FitOrbit

FitOrbit takes the proven formula of the one-to-one trainer-client relationship online, and brings unprecedented efficiency, and new business opportunities to the fitness professional, and accessible, flexible, and affordable personal training to consumers. FitOrbit launched to the public in June 2009. FitOrbit is developed by Global Fitness Media, a start up company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA that is focused on developing web and mobile technology, products, and services that work for real people living in the real world. Global Fitness Media launched the award winning restaurant nutrition search, GoodFoodNearYou (www.goodfoodnearyou.com) in February of 2009. To find out more information about FitOrbit, visit www.fitorbit.com.

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