Tuesday, June 9, 2009


439 Children Achieve Guinness World Record at Happy Gelato Party in Austria

Happy Gelato Parties are the latest craze sweeping gelaterias around the world – and this summer they're coming to America straight from Italy where they began.

Presented in the U.S. by PreGel AMERICA and its gelato-inspired resource WhyGelato.com, the parties feature a trained performance artist who excels at the art of entertainment and gelato – combining both to offer spectators a show full of Happy Cones, gelato tricks, exciting giveaways and lots of fun. Happy Cones are gelato cones specially decorated with candies and cookies to create fanciful animals, clowns, flowers and much more to delight children, teens and adults alike.

A big hit in Europe and around the world, a recent Happy Gelato Party set out to achieve a Guinness World Record by having 439 children in Marchtrenk, Austria, link arms and form the world's longest chain of children licking gelato – or Happy Gelato flavors to be exact. The gelateria hosting the party also created the "Iciest Fireman's Ladder in the World” by lining up gelato trays the length of a fireman's ladder and filling them with 58 flavors of enough gelato to make 3,000 – 3,500 scoops of gelato. Both feats will appear in the 2010 edition of the famous worldwide reference book of record-breaking achievements.

Beginning on the East Coast in June and July, heading to the Midwest in August, and winding up on the West Coast in the fall, Happy Gelato Parties will showcase two delicious signature gelato flavors for Happy Gelato party-goers to enjoy, including Happy Gelato Classic Swirl, a banana-split inspired flavor and Happy Gelato Cookie Crunch, a flavor reminiscent of grandma's peanut butter cookies.

"We have had great success with the Happy Gelato brand and parties in Europe. We are thrilled to bring Happy Gelato to America so that everyone can enjoy hours of Happy Gelato moments at our parties and more for many years to come,” said Dario Rabboni, general director of PreGel and son of its founder and president, Dr. Luciano Rabboni. "We hope Happy Gelato will change the way gelato is consumed all around the world.”

"My family has been in the gelato business for generations so I know the happiness and opportunities to socialize with friends and family that gelato can bring,” said Marco Casol, president and CEO of PreGel AMERICA. "I came to this country to help introduce Americans to gelato and the joy that comes with it, and these Happy Gelato Parties are one more way to spread our passion for gelato to people everywhere.”

To find a Happy Gelato Party near you, go to www.WhyGelato.com today or visit www.HappyGelatoUS.com later in June when the site will launch.

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